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Emergency Plan

Weston Turville Parish Council is putting together an Emergency Plan for the parish.  We all know that we have Emergency Services who deal with most types of emergency, BUT a major incident could occur in our parish when they could not reach us quickly (such as deep snow, extensive flooding or a major incident elsewhere). This means that we need a Plan to help ourselves if the Emergency Services cannot reach us.

Please help us to put together the Plan - we need to know certain things from you:

  • Are you a First-aider or ex health professional?
  • Do you have a Tractor/trailer or 4x4 vehicle?
  • Do you have a Chainsaw and licence to operate?
  • Are you an electrician/plumber/builder?
  • Are you a caterer?
  • Do you have any other skills that would be valuable in an emergency?
  • Could you provide sleeping accommodation, either in your business premises or your own home? If so, how many -and can you take their pets?
  • Could you provide shelter/paddocks for pets or livestock?
  • Could you help with supporting those self isolating in a pandemic situation?

If you can answer YES to any of the above, please make this known to our Parish Clerk - [email protected] or 01296 612838.

Are you ready for an Emergency?

The Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum has produced a booklet to help you prepare for an emergency situation, a copy can be downloaded by clicking here.