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Speed Monitoring

Speeding is a concern throughout the parish for many residents. 

Community Speedwatch

Thames Valley Police have Community Speedwatch Equipment available to be used by the community.  The vehicle registration and speed is recorded and passed to Thames Valley Police who can then write to the owner of the vehicle.  The equipment needs to be manned by 2-3 volunteers and the Parish Council would like to hear from anyone who would be willing to give up some time to help, full training will be provided.  Please contact the Clerk in the first instance.


The Wendover Local Area Forum is funding Sentinel equipment for use in the parishes, the Sentinel camera records video footage of speeding vehicles and records the date and time taken as well as the vehicle registration and speed.  Again volunteers will be needed to man this equipment, please contact the Clerk if you would like to take part.

Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS)

Weston Turville Parish Council shares a Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) with Stoke Mandeville Parish Council.  The MVAS is usually put up in various locations throughout the parish for 2 weeks at a time to collect data on the volumes and speed of traffic passing it.  

The Parish Council has recently installed three additional ground screws which are located in Church Lane (near the junction with The Glebe), Worlds End Lane and Brook End, following reports from local residents who are concerned about speeding in these areas.  It has also purchased a second MVAS unit to be used solely within the parish of Weston Turville.

The data collected is shared with Thames Valley Police who are responsible for speed enforcement.  

Details of recent speed monitoring can be seen below, 
(Note: 85th percentile - this means that 85% of vehicles are travelling at this speed or lower)

Data collected from the MVAS:

Road Date Speed limit Average speed 85th percentile

New Road (near Westongrove)

July 2020


32.1 mph

39.3 mph

Worlds End Lane

July 2020


26.1 mph

32.1 mph

Worlds End Lane

August 2020





October 2020





December 2020





February 2021




MVAS sign MVAS sign