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The Council

Weston Turville is a Parish with a great history and a vibrant atmosphere, We are very lucky to have a village where there are so many activities for all age groups. I have joined this Parish after living on Bedgrove for 19 years and although I live on the edge of the parish I enjoy being a part of village life and being active in looking after our heritage and also the future.

Although we have many pressing issues as a council we are looking to the future and are working on several projects to enhance and improve our environment. I do hope that I have the opportunity to help our Parish develop in a positive way over the coming years.  

We would welcome all residents to either come to our meetings or email us if we can be of any help.  

Cllr Martin Jarvis  –  Chair  WTPC


What is the Parish Council responsible for?

What the Parish Council is Responsible for What the Parish Council is NOT responsible for
  • Maintenance of its assets
  • The recreation ground, tennis courts and playground
  • The War Memorial in Worlds End Lane
  • Various benches, noticeboards, planters and bins around the parish
  • The Village Hall as sole trustee
  • Promoting parish life
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Grass cutting of verges in 30mph areas on behalf of Bucks Council
  • Operation of the mobile vehicle activated speed sign

The following are the responsibility of Buckinghamshire Council:

  • Planning applications and enforcement
  • Maintenance of roads, including pot holes
  • Maintenance of footpaths
  • Maintenance of rights of way
  • Flooding and surface water issues
  • Clearing of gullies and highway drains
  • Tree maintenance on the highway
  • Removal of fly tipping
  • Environmental health issues - incl noise, bonfires, pollution