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Weston Turville Parish Council has produced an Action Plan and a copy can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Action Plan 2022-25 File Uploaded: 30 May 2023 277.6 KB

Weston Turville Parish Council are working on several projects, details of which can be seen below. An Ear Marked Reserve is a pot of money that has been agreed to be spent on a particular project and has been saved or reserved for that purpose.

1. Improvements to the village hall car park

The Council will be widening the entrance to the car park to make it easier for cars to enter/leave the car park during peak times.  In order to accommodate the wider entrance, the grass area by the entrance will be removed and tarmacked over and the sign and dog waste bin relocated.  The white lining will also be renewed as part of this project.  This project will be funded through ear marked reserves.

2. Jubilee Park and Memorial Playing Field

A number of new facilities have already been installed - children's playground, petanque court, multi use games area, skate park and accessible footpaths.  The Parish Council will continue to improve the area for the benefit of residents and wildlife.  The next stage will be to further develop the wildflower area beside the tennis courts and to install some additional picnic benches and other facilities which the Council will be consulting residents on. 

This project is funded through s106 funding.

3. Provision of a Cafe at the village hall

A new project has been proposed after a number of residents have suggested that the village hall and playing fields would benefit from a cafe.  The project is at the very early stages and planning permission will be the first requirement as an extension to the hall will be required.  The project, should permission be granted, will be funded by s106 funds.

The Council is also looking at the possibility of a temporary structure to house a café in the interim until the extension is completed.

4. Village Sign

A new village sign has been commissioned and will soon be installed in Worlds End Lane, near the junction with School Approach.  Planning permission for this was granted in 2020 but unfortunately due to manufacturing closures during the pandemic, the sign was delayed.  We have now taken delivery of the sign and an installation date will be arranged with the contractor.

The design was put in the Weston Turville Times inviting comments and suggestions and the final design depicts the church, war memorial and reservoir (see picture below). An Aylesbury duck also features on the sign as they used to be raised here in the 19th century.  This project will be funded through ear marked reserves.

Weston Turville Parish Council  Projects

5. Community Orchard

The Parish Council would like to develop a community orchard within the village and is currently considering the Glebe field in the centre of the village as a possible location. The first stage of the project was to commission an ecological survey to establish its suitability for this purpose (link below to the report).  This was carried out by Future Nature WTC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust) over the summer in 2022.  Future Nature will also produce a Habitat Management Plan which will provide guidance on managing the existing habitats and improving biodiversity of the area.

The provision of a community orchard will be funded by s106 funds and is subject to a suitable location being found.

6. The Glebe Field

The Council has been approached by a number of residents with respect to the poor condition of the right of way which crosses this land.  The Parish Council took management of this land in 2021 and until then the right of way had been left unmanaged for a number of years and is now overgrown with brambles and is very narrow, the ground has also become very worn and is slippery and difficult to walk on during wet weather.

The Council has taken advice from the rights of way team at Bucks Council on improving this path and proposes to clear 1m of brambles/overgrowth from either side of the footpath.  The chippings will be put on the path in order to soak up some of the water/mud and level the path to make it easier for walking on.  This work will be carried out during late autumn to avoid the nesting season. 

7. Christmas Tree

The Parish Council secured funding towards the provision of a ground anchor to be installed on the patio area by the village hall in order for a large Christmas tree to be put up in this area with lights.  The first Christmas tree was in place in December 2022.

7. Electric Vehicle Charging Points

The Council is investigating the possibility of installing electric vehicle charging points in the village hall car park.  Funding for this project is currently being sought.