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Weston Turville Community Fibre Project

By Clerk to the Council Weston Turville Parish Council

Monday, 12 October 2020


Weston Turville Parish Council Contributor


Did you know that homes and local businesses can get a faster, more reliable broadband service with speeds of up to 100Mbps in rural communities like Weston Turville?

Funding is available through the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme set up by the Government and topped up by Buckinghamshire Council as part of a group project - - up to £3,500 per home and up to £7,000 per business.

Weston Turville has fibre to the green cabinets you see dotted around the village but only has a copper supply from the cabinet to the premises. The further away you are from the cabinet the poorer the service.

Most people are becoming more and more reliant on their broadband service for business, working from home and just keeping in touch with their loved ones through these difficult times so a fast reliable broadband has become another essential service. Some say the quality of the broadband service even affects the value of your home.

Weston Turville Parish Council has agreed to support and co-ordinate the Community Fibre Project for the village. The first step to securing this funding, while it is still available, is to find out how many homes and businesses would like to sign up for this?

If you are interested, please email your expressions of interest to [email protected] by 31st October and for GDPR purposes can you also confirm that you are willing for the Parish Council to share your contact details with the broadband infrastructure providers such as Openreach. Please do encourage your neighbours to do the same as the more people sign up for the voucher scheme the more likely it will be delivered free of charge.

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