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Weston Turville Parish Council

Love your parish

The Parish Council works hard on the upkeep of our parish and amenities but we rely on residents to help identify any issues, be it a fault street light, blocked drain or broken play equipment.

Please report issues via our Clerk or to the relevant authority when you see them.  If you are reporting direct to other authorities - eg Transport for Bucks (pot holes, blocked roadside drains etc) then we would welcome also being made aware of the issue so that we can add our support to try to get the issue resolved quickly.

Below is a list of concerns raised with the Parish Council recently and what we are doing/have done to resolve them.


Road Name Issue What is being done

Barley Close

Blocked drains

This is part of the highway and therefore reported to Transport for Bucks

Barley Close (field at end)

Empty cans/bottles etc left in old stables

This is private land, no action taken to date.


Dog bin not being emptied regularly

This has now been resolved with AVDC and should be emptied twice a week in summer and weekly during the winter.

School Approach

Blocked drains

Drains scheduled to be cleared in school holidays


Abundance of litter in the area

Parish Council are liaising with AVDC to get a second bin fitted in this area and will also request the support of the shop keepers.


Cars parked on grassed area

Parish Council are funding bollards to prevent cars driving onto the grass.


Dirty road signs

Signs scheduled to be cleaned in Autumn but additional clean requested in June



These need to be reported to Transport for Bucks who prioritise work depending on the severity of the pothole.


Grass cuttings in road

The contractors who cut the grass blow the cuttings from the pavement back onto the verge, it is unfortunate that some end up in the road but contractors are not allowed in the road without appropriate health and safety measure to cone off the road.

Worlds End Lane War Memorial

Weeds and dead tulips in the flower beds

The area has now been tidied and weeds cleared.  The war memorial will be cleaned before Remembrance Day.

Village Hall & Playing Fields

Bench had been damaged and pulled out of the ground

Parish Council bought a replacement bench which has been installed into concrete alongside the path.

Worlds End Lane

Request for litter bin at reservoir layby

AVDC currently require evidence of need for new litter bins which the Parish Council is gathering - please send any photos of litter in this area with a date stamp to the Clerk